Philips Hue Reveals Pricing, Details for New Outdoor Light Line-Up

Philips Hue Reveals Pricing, Details for New Outdoor Light Line-Up

Philips Hue Reveals Pricing, Details for New Outdoor Light Line-Up

Phillips has expanded its popular "Hue" smart lights range to "the great outdoors".

Philips is taking its Hue smart lights outside with its new luminary, spot, and pillar post products.

Philips' new outdoor lighting range will be available in the U.S. and Europe in July starting at $29.99. Simply connect your outdoor lighting to the Philips Hue bridge and control with the touch of a button, whether you're home or away.

The new Philips Hue Lily is designed for placing within garden beds [640 lumens per light].

With Philips Hue, you can control your lights remotely, schedule your lights to turn on or off at certain moments of the day, as well as automatically trigger them to turn on with the location awareness feature on your mobile phone.

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For more information about Philips Hue and how to have the best smart lighting experience inside and outside your home, please visit A few of the outdoor luminaires are flawless for mounting near a front or back door, so your lights can welcome you and your visitors to your home.

Designed for illuminating outdoor paths, Philips Hue Calla comes in a base pack with one bollard and installation accessories [~US$130]. With the Hue app, you can choose from 16 million different colors for your lights to shine.

You can get the bulbs starting in July throughout the United States and Europe.

Less details are available for the Philips Hue White range however prices start from £62. The Lily starter pack includes three bulbs for $279.99, and the Calla starter pack is priced at $129.99. The Hue line is also getting a PAR38 bulb that will slot into existing fixtures, with each bulb costing $29 and a double-pack available for $49. Phillips is hosting a press conference about its outdoor lights on Monday, March 19th.

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