SERIAL BOMBER? Third Explosion in TWO WEEKS Rocks Austin, Leaves Teenager Dead

SERIAL BOMBER? Third Explosion in TWO WEEKS Rocks Austin, Leaves Teenager Dead

SERIAL BOMBER? Third Explosion in TWO WEEKS Rocks Austin, Leaves Teenager Dead

Monday's second explosion happened in the Montopolis neighborhood, near the airport and about 5 miles south of the day's first blast.

Later Monday a second explosion was reported in the 6700 block of Galindo Street in East Austin.

Authorities have warned residents that if they receive a package they are not expecting, they should contact the Austin Police Department.

Per APD, another package located at scene of fatal explosion.

The surviving woman's injuries are potentially life-threatening, according to CBS Austin.

No one else was injured.

McManus said San Antonio residents can do themselves a favor by being vigilant and reporting any packages that seem suspicious to them.

Governor Greg Abbott is now offering a reward of $15,000 for information leading to the identification and arrest of the person or persons involved in the deadly package blasts that have occurred in Austin over the past ten days.

Investigators said the bombings are probably connected, and they are looking into whether race was a factor because all of the victims were minorities. And while police are checking with other delivery services, including Amazon, UPS and FedEx, Manley said it appeared the packages were not delivered through traditional services. A second Monday explosion left a 75-year-old woman in critical condition, the chief said. He says, "You don't hear that stuff in my neighborhood".

The first blast, reported about 6:44 a.m., killed a male teenager and injured a woman in her 40s.

Two package bomb blasts a few miles apart killed a teenager and wounded two women in Austin on Monday less than two weeks after a similar attack left a man dead in another

"We don't know what the motive behind these may be", Manley said.

The latest incident occurred Monday morning; the other on March 2.

After Monday's explosion, investigators have reclassified House's death from a suspicious death to a homicide. "We do know that both of the homes that were the recipients of these packages belong to African-Americans, so we can not rule out that hate crime is at the core of this".

"There are similarities that we can not rule out that these two incidents are, in fact, related", Manley said. Police said they had no indication it was related to terrorism.

Authorities investigate an explosion at a home in Austin, Texas, Monday, March 12, 2018. Manley said in both cases, the suspect delivered the packages during the nighttime, and the victims found them in the morning on their doorstep.

The request led to several calls to authorities, Manley said in the afternoon conference, but none uncovered anything suspicious.

Manley said investigators believe the March 2 attack and Monday's first explosion are related.

"It's not time to panic, but it's time to be vigilant and it's time to pay attention", said Manley.

Police said they are working in partnership with the FBI, ATF, and the United States Postal Service to determine who's behind the package explosions.

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