Stormy Daniels offers to give back money to break silence on Trump

Stormy Daniels offers to give back money to break silence on Trump

Stormy Daniels offers to give back money to break silence on Trump

A letter from the pornographic actor's lawyer Michael Avenatti to Trump's personal lawyer, Michael Cohen, on Monday offered to pay the $130,000 (£93,000) into an account of the president's choosing by Friday.

Stephanie Clifford, whose stage name is Stormy Daniels, says she will pay back the $130,000 (£93,000) so she can break her silence on what she says was an affair with Mr Trump that began in 2006 and lasted for several months. Clifford asked the court on Tuesday to nullify the agreement, claiming Mr. Trump never signed the document, and that it is null and void as a result.

"Three sources confirmed to CNN that Clifford made new claims about Trump in the interview". He has said since he got the funds from a home improvement loan on his house. "The designated judge from the arbitration tribunal found that Ms. Clifford had violated the agreement and enjoined her from, among other things, filing this lawsuit".

Last Thursday, Daniels recorded an interview with 60 Minutes correspondent Anderson Cooper, but that interview did not air during the program's broadcast on March 11.

Trump's lawyers reportedly have considered seeking a legal injunction to bar that interview from airing - an injunction that may be impossible either to get or to sustain on appeal.

In the 1971 Pentagon Papers case, the Supreme Court ruled that the New York Times and The Washington Post could not be stopped from publishing documents related to US military actions in Vietnam, despite the government's argument that such reporting would endanger national security.

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"Our offer proves this out".

With a large amount of information about the alleged affair and "hush money" payment between Daniels and Trump already publicly reported, why is Trump said to be frantic to stop the interview from airing?

Although Clifford has been making public appearances around the country, she's remained silent about the alleged 2006 affair with the president after receiving the hush money from Cohen just before the 2016 USA presidential election.

"She wants the people to decide who is shooting straight with them and who is being less than forthcoming". Our offer seeks to allow this to happen'. The statement is an admission that the nondisclosure agreement exists and that it directly involves Trump.

The offer puts the president in a tricky position.If he denies Clifford's offer, that could be interpreted as an admission that the president is indeed attempting to silence her.

"Just a few days before, there had been a debate with Donald Trump schlepping Bill Clinton's accusers in order to make his wife, who was his opponent, uncomfortable", Navarro said.

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