Palestinian PM unharmed after explosion strikes convoy during Gaza visit

Palestinian PM unharmed after explosion strikes convoy during Gaza visit

Palestinian PM unharmed after explosion strikes convoy during Gaza visit

The explosion was reported to have been detonated Tuesday morning in Gaza Strip during the visit of Palestinian Prime Minister Rami Hamdallah.

The Palestinian prime minister says a blast that struck his convoy in Gaza will not disrupt attempts to reconcile with Hamas.

Photos appear to show three damaged vehicles with windows smashed.

Hamas security forces then sealed off the area. Minutes after the explosion, the PA held Hamas "fully responsible" for the assassination attempt. "This incident won't stop us from our work in Gaza and won't stop us from the reconciliation", he said.

Also, head of Fatah movement media office Munir al Gaghoub said that the attack seeks sabotaging all efforts for inter-Palestinian reconciliation.

TRT World 's Muhannad Alami has more on this attack from Ramallah.

Hamas said the targeting of Hamdallah's motorcade was "part of attempts to damage the security of Gaza and deal a blow to efforts to finalize reconciliation".

Hamas immediately hit back at Abbas, saying that his claims played into the hands of Israel. More radical militants, inspired by the Islamic State group, also operate in Gaza.

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Hamas insists that no one was hurt in the explosion and no shots were fired at the vehicles, while the PA prime minister has said that seven of the bodyguards accompanying him were being treated in a number of hospitals in Ramallah.

The attack casts a shadow over reconciliation efforts by rival Palestinian governments.The Islamic militant group Hamas expelled the Palestinian Authority to the West Bank during a civil war in Gaza in 2007; but a year ago they launched talks to try to settle their differences and return Gaza to Palestinian Authority control. No one was injured and security services had begun an investigation, ministry spokesman Eyad Al-Bozom said.

"The other is Tawfik Tirawi, who, at the time of the establishment of the PA, was the chief of Palestinian intelligence in the West Bank, and who maintains his power in the Fatah movement as Abbas' security adviser".

Some even went as far as hinting that the explosion may have been staged by the PA to implicate Hamas and force it to relinquish control over the Gaza Strip. "The developments have proven that Hamas has completely failed in providing security in Gaza, just as it has failed in providing a decent life for our people in the strip".

Hamdallah's government is recognised by the worldwide community, while Hamas is blacklisted as a "terrorist organisation" by the European Union and the United States.

"We regret that the Palestinian Authority is not here with us today", Greenblatt said in opening remarks. But the Palestinians have essentially cut off ties to the White House, furious over Trump's move past year to recognize Jerusalem as Israel's capital and move the U.S. Embassy there from Tel Aviv.

The prime minister called for Hamas to allow his government to take control in Gaza.

The place where the blast hit is near the spot where a USA diplomatic convoy was blown up by a remote-controlled bomb in 2003 shortly after it entered the Gaza Strip. Three American security specialists were killed and a US diplomat was injured in that blast.

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