President Sheikh Khalifa sends condolences following death of Saudi prince

President Sheikh Khalifa sends condolences following death of Saudi prince

President Sheikh Khalifa sends condolences following death of Saudi prince

Hong Kong is emerging as an increasingly like compromise solution: it does not have as strict transparency rules as either the London Stock Exchange or NYSE, and it will allow Saudi Arabia to tap more Chinese capital, which is not something to be ignored.

According to the newspaper, the 17 detainees were hospitalised after facing abuse, while one Saudi general died in custody.

Now, nearly two months after the purge officially came to an end, The New York Times has released a report, echoing claims made by the MEE in November.

Relatives of some of the detainees said they were deprived of sleep, roughed up and interrogated with their heads covered while the government pressured them to sign over large assets.

"I would guess it is about evens that there will be no global IPO", one high-level source said, according to the agency.

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The Saudi government categorically denied the allegations of abuse and oppression made in the New York Times article, insisting that stern measures were needed to reform the Saudi system and the public supports both the anti-corruption campaign and Crown Prince Mohammed's ambitious reform agenda. His skin showed other signs of physical abuse.

The report alleges al-Qahtani's "neck was twisted unnaturally as though it had been broken" and his body also had burn marks, which were believed to be a result of electric shocks.

Abuse of power, nepotism and the use of middlemen, wasta, to do business are common, it says, suggesting that business practices in Saudi Arabia need to fundamentally change if corruption is to be eradicated, particularly given the overlap between business and politics.

Saudi King Salman's order to establish new anti-corruption units as part of the kingdom's anti-graft campaign comes as fresh revelations have emerged of how detainees swept up in the campaign were treated and where their assets have gone. The official added that the detainees had "full access" to legal counsel and medical care.

He was returned to the hotel for further interrogation, and later pronounced dead at a military hospital. Another of the late king's sons, Prince Mishaal bin Abdullah, complained about Gen. Qahtani's treatment to a circle of friends, and immediately afterward Prince Mishaal, too, was arrested and locked in the Ritz.

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