We should have a new force called the Space Force

We should have a new force called the Space Force

We should have a new force called the Space Force

Tuesday, US President Donald Trump floated the idea of having a national Space Force during a speech at a California Marine Corps Air Station.

He said some people may argue that a space force would "compromise the sanctity of considering space to be off limits from warfare". "We may even have a space force, develop another one-space force". There is already an Air Force Space Command with a mission "to provide resilient and affordable space and cyberspace capabilities for the Joint Force and the Nation". "It's like the Army and the Navy, but for space, because we're spending a lot of money on space".

Trump didn't make clear what shape this "space force" might take and what adversaries it would confront. "Think of that. Space force!".

Donald Trump has proposed a new brand of armed forces - which he's dubbed the "space force".

Republican Representative Mike Rogers told a February 28 conference at the Center for Strategic and International Studies that a separate space corps could be carved out from the air force within "three to five years".

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Initially, Trump explained, he'd proposed the idea as a joke. "We'll call it the space force and I was not really serious and then I said, 'What a great idea. Maybe we'll have to do that.' That could happen". We are going to lead the way in space.

The Space Corps language was removed from the final version of the National Defense Authorization Act a year ago.

The battle for Mars between Elon Musk's space mercenaries and Trump's Space Force is going to be tremendous.

Since taking office, Trump has frequently touted his support for the U.S. military and placed high-ranking generals in top White House and cabinet posts.

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