Is this the Windows Phone 41MP PureView?

April 6, 2012 at 14:08 GMT | By Darlington Moyo

Androsym have posted "leaked slides" showing a supposed Windows Phone device from Nokia with the mesmerising 41mp PureView technology. The device specifications shown on one on the slides are as follows:

• 4.3? Curved Glass touchscreen with HD display
• 41mp sensor, Carl Zeiss lens and PureView imaging technology
• 1080p full HD video recording and Rich Recording Technology
• Dual Core processor with Adreno 320 GPU
• Windows Phone Operating System

Is it real, is it fake? The truth is that there are valid arguments either way. This interesting choice of colours and design may suggest that this is indeed a device from Nokia. Not to mention that most of the leaked Nokia device renders in the past have turned out to hold some substance. Unfortunately thats as far as it goes when arguing for.

On the flip-side, the home button shows a redesigned Windows Phone logo which appears to be a white version of the Windows 8 logo. I very much doubt Microsoft would just recycle the Windows 8 logo and paste on Windows Phone. Another issue is how the spec sheet list a 4.3" screen yet the device appears to be small and narrow. Also, the positioning of the Xenox flash is highly questionable. Basically, there are range of questionable things about the render.

Yes the device looks cool and interesting, but once the novelty wears off, one would be left holding one hell of an ugly phone. These are only my opinions, what do you guys think?

SOURCE: Androsym VIA: MyNokiaBlog

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