Nokia Lumia 800 sold out in Finland following price reduction

October 5, 2012 at 21:31 GMT | By Darlington Moyo

Nokia Lumia 800

While big brother 920 has been grabbing all the headlines, little bro 800 has been making sure that Windows Phone numbers hold steady in the Windows Phone 7.x-to-8 transition. The now understated Nokia Lumia 800 only commands a paltry £140 in the UK. In Finland, the handset has experienced massive discounts as carriers and retailers attempt to clear the shelves in time for the Windows Phone 8 launch.

Finnish website e'sPhoneBlog reports that supplies of the Lumia 800 seem to have dried up following massive discounts that have seen the device being available for just €249 (€200/$320).

We always thought Windows Phone 8 was going to deliver the traction the platform needs and it appears to be doing just that, but not in the way we expected to. Should people carry on snapping up these cheap Windows Phone 7.x devices, OEMs may be forced to carry on producing them and maybe selling them as low-end Windows Phone devices.

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