Engadget, CNET and The Verge slaughter the Nokia Lumia 920 in shamelessly biased reviews

November 4, 2012 at 10:33 GMT | By Darlington Moyo

It's probably come to a point where relying on CNET, Engadget or The Verge to deliver a fair appraisal of a Microsoft related product is only setting one's self for a massive disappointment. To some, I might come across as a bitter Windows Phone fanboy, but if you bother to read on then you might find yourself nodding in agreement with what I have to say.

When the Nokia Lumia 920 was announced and Nokia gave restricted access to writers from different blogs, everyone - I mean everyone - sang in unison, declaring the Lumia 920 a potential phone of the year. As Windows Phone users, we were all excited, thinking Windows Phone and Nokia were finally going to have a product that will get the rave reviews it deserved across the blogosphere. Little did we know that some harbored ulterior motives. It looks like the Apple and Android loving writers went back to their cosy offices and started plotting how they were going to tear the Lumia 920 apart. As much as I would like to divulge and go into detail about each individual review, the task would be too laborious and will probably muddle the points I want to make. If you haven't read any of the reviews and want to do so, Bing is your friend. So lets address the so-called negatives that the knowledgeable writers pointed out:

As far as I'm concerned, the Microsoft ecosystem is the biggest out there. Last time I checked, Windows was the biggest operating system; Internet explorer had a fair chunk of the browser share, Xbox was doing better than Playstation and Windows Live/Skype had more that 90% of the IM market share. What about Hotmail/Outlook, SkyDrive, Xbox Music and Office? Why am I mentioning all these things? Because they are all integrated into Windows Phone. Yes ladies and gents, you can play a game on your Windows Phone, save it and continue on your Xbox when you get home. You can also save an Office document on SkyDrive while in your office and edit it on your Windows Phone while on the go.

Apps! Apps! Apps! Any self-respecting technology scribe that refers to this now-redundant alibi should seriously contemplate applying for a job at Google or Apple - if they haven't already done so. Windows Phone is 125,000+ apps strong and abounding. The rate of growth is similar to what Android and iOS experienced at 24 months yet we never heard this gimp excuse about either. Windows Phone now shares the same kernel as Windows 8, so porting Windows 8 apps to Windows Phone will not be as superincumbent as it has been in the past.

The Windows Phone Store already has 46 of the world's top 50 applications so it surprises me when these ignorants keep going on about the issue. So Which app are you talking about Jessica Dalcourt? How many apps do you need Joshua Topolsky for a platform to be good enough for you? Myriam Joire, we know you are big-boned but is a 125,000 apps not enough for you?

Size and Weight
All the reviewers complained about the substantial dimensions of the Lumia 920. Strangely, the Lumia 920 happens to have similar dimensions to the SGS3 except that none of these reviewers complained about it not fitting in their pockets. Also, they all complained about the 920 being too heavy. Yes the 920 is heavier than both the iPhone 5 and SGS3, but it's because it's built to withstand falls and scratches. It also packs a big battery, innovative camera technology, wireless charging and a curved screen. Unlike the iPhone 5 and SGS3 which feel flimsy, unsubstantial, and cheap, the Lumia 920's technology is housed in a polycarbonate uni-body casing. You won't need a protective case for it. So, think about it, the iPhone 5 is 1.5 ounces lighter than the 920 and after adding a 2 ounce case (average weight of cases), the iPhone virtually weighs the same as the 920. Isn't that common sense you expect to hear from these so-called educated writers?

Bottom Line
For a long time now, Engadget and CNET have been anti-Microsoft for reasons best known to themselves. The arrival of The Verge was welcome by many as it was felt that blogs like Engadget and CNET had become too big and complacent. Unfortunately, as the saying goes - an apple doesn't fall far from the tree. The Verge is nothing but mutton dressed as lamb. They have carried on from where they left off when they were Engadget staffers. It's strange how reviews of Apple and Google products sound like apologetic PR affairs, focusing on positives and being dismissive about the contrary. Remember scuffgate, broken maps, Wi-Fi issues, cellular data splurges and the purple haze flaw of the iPhone 5? None of these blogs suggested that you should never buy an iPhone because of the above, instead, they offered excuses and suggested that Apple were going to sort the issues out.

What's more telling is that none of these reviewers seem to have used a Windows Phone at all - at least not for a long enough period to write a knowledgeable review. For instance, CNET's Jessica Dalcourt complains of not being able to voice-dictate e-mail or notes. Really? She even has the nerve to say those that are using an iPhone or Android device should never consider the Lumia 920.

The shameless trolling of the Lumia 920 will do nothing but decimate the websites' credibility in the long run. Their unjust reviews will have a detrimental effect on the Lumia 920 as they have a high page rank, meaning that any prospective buyer that decides to read a review will be met with these irrational compositions on Google. Maybe Nokia and Microsoft need to focus on working with people who will write fair reviews on their products as continuing to court these thouroughly unprofessional and obtuse bloggers seems futile.

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