Rumoured Windows Phone 8 Huawei Ascend W3 revealed in leaked images

November 17, 2012 at 13:27 GMT | By Darlington Moyo

So far, all we've heard from Huawei since they were announced as one of the four Windows Phone 8 launch partners are rumours and leaks; no official statements on devices, pricing or availability. Well, to continue the trend, the rumoured Huawei Ascend W3 has now been revealed in leaked images by Chinese site WinP.

The Ascend W3 appears to be a high-end Windows Phone 8 device. The person who leaked the device was kind enough to show the device's specifications via the calendar app live tile. The details show that the Ascend W3 will feature a 4.5-inch screen, with dimensions of 132 x 67 x 10mm. The camera on the back is said to deliver an 8-mega-pixel resolution, with the ability to shoot 1080p videos.

Judging from the images, the devices appear to have a thin profile, which would go well with it's sizeable display. We assume it will have a removable battery and a MicroSD expansion slot which would make it a desirable option if it hits the low price-points like most Huawei devices.

The Chinese manufacturer has yet to confirm any Windows Phone 8 devices but speculation has suggested that Huawei will be announcing their Windows Phone 8 offerings in January at CES 2013. What do you make of the Ascend W3? Would it be an option for you if it is reasonably priced?

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