Instagram coming to Nokia Lumia devices? #2InstaWithLove

March 5, 2013 at 22:22 GMT | By Nicholaus Lee

It's been a busy couple of days for rumours about Instagram coming to Lumia devices, once again. At this point it seems to be an almost monthly cycle for rumours about Instagram coming to Windows Phones to start popping up on tech sites.

It seems this time the rumours where sparked yesterday by a post by Chinese site WPDang showing an advertisement for a Nokia Lumia 620 with the familiar Instagram icon logo pinned to it's start screen. While interesting, suggesting that this advertisement was foreshadowing an upcoming release of the popular photo sharing social network to Windows Phones seemed like a bit of a stretch. A quick search in the Marketplace for the term "Instagram" quickly results in several third-party apps to substitute for the lack of an official app on the platform, some even taking liberty with Instagrams own logo. Pinning one of these apps to your start screen results in exactly the same kind of image found in the advertisement. I think making this nothing more than a case of wishful thinking of the masses.

However, Nokia has help stir a whole second round of rumors by releasing a WP8 app called #2InstaWithLove. The cleverly named app allows users to take their photos and apply a Poloroid like filter to them, much like the Instagram app on iOS and Android. It then adds the hashtag #2InstaWithLove to the photo, and allows the user to upload it to their preferred social network, apparently in an attempt to make it known to Instagram just how much us Windows Phone users want an official Instagram app. Nokia obviously has an interest in getting the photo sharing app on it's Lumia devices with their emphasis on photography and PureView technology. Whether this is a PR stunt to hype to build up the hype before a big splash when an Instagram app finally lands on the Marketplace, or just clever marketing to push Instagram into feeling a need to respond to the pressure of Windows Phone users, I have to admit to respecting the team over in Espoo for finally addressing the elephant in the room.

It seems like Nokia isn't quite done stirring the pot yet either. Posting on Twitter not long ago a link to "all Lumia photographers" a tutorial on YouTube on how to get the most out of your photos on Lumia devices. Good information for all you smartphone photographers wanting to show Instagram just how great of photos they are missing out on by not having a Windows Phone app.

I know many of us Windows Phone users are quite happy with not having yet another social network consuming all of our spare time. However for those of you that flood the comments on tech sites every time Instagram and Windows Phone 8 are mentioned in the same article, now's your chance to put your hashtags where your comments are. Let's flood any and all social networks with #2InstaWithLove and let Instagram know just how much of a marketshare they are missing out on.

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